Monday, March 15, 2010


After reading a short story "Those Three Wishes," about a girl who unwisely choses her words and wishes, I asked my students to tell me what they would wish for should a snail (story character) grant them three requests. Here are a few of their responses;
I wish...
I could stay looking like I'm at least 24 even if I'm older because I don't want wrinkles or gray hair.
(From the 5'4" girl) to slam-dunk because it's my goal on the court.
that America's debt was paid in full somehow because I'm not looking forward to paying higher taxes.
for a bagel because I'm hungry.
a never empty wallet, because we're always broke & its the main reason my parents fight.
for a dinosaur because I like dinosaurs.
that I could fly, cause that'd be cool.

we would have a house without my dad.
to own my own airline.
that my dad didn't have cancer.
to be the most feared person, me and my friends and the girls like us.
to GET a rock band.
to have a trampoline because I love those things.
for no endangered zebras.
for my parents to be together because it hurts that they are not.
that none of my wishes would backfire!
for a baby brother because I can't hold mine.
to not wish for anything because wishing for myself only is just greedy.
for 100 pizza's, I love pizza!
for everyone in the world to have a good home.
for a housekeeper for my parents.
to get an education and make $ because without it I'd be nothing.
for a Mountain Dew because I'm thirsty.
for the best truck ever so I won't get stuck in the mud.
that the world and human race will last forever.
read minds to see what people really think of me.
to understand all languages so I can travel across the world.
for people to like me for who I am.
to solve the national debt because it's really high.
for no wishes because when humans get unstoppable power they start abusing it.
I could eat tons of food and never get fat.
individuals would have an overwhelming desire to do good and serve others.